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    Core values

    Customer centric

    將“為客戶創造價值”貫穿企業價值鏈;一切生產經營圍繞客戶需求展開; 只有面向市場持續優化產品和服務,才能不斷提升企業核心競爭力和價值。

    Based on the struggle

    The company advocates the humanistic concept of being simple and pragmatic, and provides development opportunities and platforms for employees with fighting spirit. We will not let "Lei Feng" suffer losses and "anaemia" of strivers. We will create a team atmosphere of sustained struggle, strive towards the common goal, and live up to every effort.

    Long term adherence to hard struggle

    There is no retreat. Only long-term perseverance and perseverance can create a new pattern; We must persist in combining the idea of hard struggle with our behavior to create value for individuals, enterprises and society.

    Firmly believe in the power of focus, innovation, cooperation and long-term

    With the long-term dedicated entrepreneurial spirit, products and services that keep pace with the times, and the thinking concept of win-win cooperation, we will build a world-class third-generation semiconductor excellent brand.

    Mission must be achieved, pursue excellence and share success

    Results oriented, create all conditions to achieve the goals, overcome all difficulties to complete the mission, and constantly make breakthroughs and surpass themselves.