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    Warmly welcome Professor Li Xiaohang from King Abdullah University of science and technology to visit our company

    Leadership care / expert interview · 2021-10-01 14:16:54

    On the afternoon of June 20, 2018, at the sincere invitation of the company's leaders, Professor Li Xiaohang of King Abdullah University of science and technology visited Wuhan youweixing Technology Co., Ltd. for exchange. All employees of the company extended a warm welcome to Professor Li Xiaohang.

    Dr. Li Xiaohang is the PI and doctoral supervisor of the Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory of King Abdullah University of science and Technology (kaust), one of the professors nominated for the outstanding teaching award in 2017-2018, and one of the pioneers in semiconductor deep ultraviolet laser research. It is the first time in the world to realize the wavelength shorter than 260 nm laser and low threshold deep UV laser on sapphire, TE and TM semiconductor laser on the same substrate, and the stimulated radiation of semiconductor deep UV surface for the first time. It has made world leading and pioneering achievements in the research of new third-generation semiconductors such as b-iii-n, published more than 120 papers in high-level magazines and conferences of third-generation semiconductors, been cited more than 1200 times (h index 16), and made invited reports in international conferences, university research institutes and companies for more than 30 times. He has won many honors, such as the annual highest award of SPIE Association, the annual highest award of doctoral students of IEEE photonics society association, and the highest award of graduate students of Georgia Institute of technology.


    The company's leaders introduced the company's product technology to Li Xiaohang


    The visit was mainly academic exchanges and discussions. At the exchange meeting, the leaders of the company first introduced the packaging process, optical design, driving scheme and heat dissipation system of the products sold by the company one by one, and focused on the company's several leading products in domestic and foreign markets: including the long focal offset light source with illuminance of 18W / cm2 at the focal length of 10cm Mass production of short-range efficient printing light source with illuminance of 28w / cm2 at 10mm, a new generation of spray painting light source without maintenance free air cooling "zero" noise in the industry, and exposure light source with collimation of 1.7 ° and uniformity of 90% illuminance greater than 400MW / cm2. Secondly, it introduces the current market application of the company's products, including our competitive advantage and service concept. The company's leaders said that "our goal is to keep close to customer needs and continue to build a reputation for energy conservation, intelligence and quality". Professor Li Xiaohang gave great recognition to the company's achievements at present, and also put forward some unique views in his field of expertise.

    In the following visit, Professor Li Xiaohang focused on the company's production site and product exhibition area. Looking at the existing scale and development of the company, he was constantly impressed "In the past three years, I only heard that you were going to set up a company. Now you have turned your dream into reality, and the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared and work hard for it. You did it, and I firmly believe that with your existing fighting spirit and the broad market application field of the product itself, you will do better and better." The leaders of the company thanked Professor Li Xiaohang for his recognition, and also showed our "determination to build the first brand of UVLED".

    The exchange further strengthened the relationship between the two sides. At the same time, both sides expressed the hope that they could continue to communicate in the later stage, strengthen technical exchanges, grow together and make progress together!


    Group photo of Professor Li Xiaohang (third from left) and relevant leaders of our company