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    Key words for the development of printing enterprises from the perspective of the "14th five year plan"

    Company news · 2021-10-13 17:57:32

    Gathering of celebrities to guide the industry direction

    At the fourth China Publishing and printing conference, the heads of the industry competent departments, quality inspection institutions, industry associations, scientific research institutions, publishing units, important printing enterprises including the member units of the national state owned printing enterprise alliance, software and hardware equipment manufacturing and material supply enterprises, such as China Press and publication media Group Co., Ltd., people's education press, Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., focused on the printing guarantee of key publications The four key words of resource integration, green upgrading and intelligent transformation give the innovative development path of printing enterprises under the guidance of the "14th five year plan" policy.


    During the "14th five year plan" period, printing enterprises should accelerate the integration of digital resources, realize the solution of publishing on demand with the help of digital printing, and strengthen the combination of traditional printing and digital printing.


    Youweixing intelligent control system

    Zone lighting / PLC man-machine / stepless dimming / remote maintenance / intelligent electric control

    During the 14th Five Year Plan period, the integration of printing enterprises focuses on two aspects, one is resource integration, and the other is personnel integration. Specifically, it is to share market resources and equipment resources, adhere to the idea of "differential development, different characteristics, mutual supplement and overall strength", reasonably control the number of personnel, and reserve management personnel and professional and technical personnel.

    The printing industry has been engaged in processing services for many years, and the business form is relatively single, which is difficult to form technical barriers, and also easy to cause disordered competition and squeeze profit space. Therefore, in the future development, printing enterprises should take the initiative to connect upstream and downstream resources, increase the research and development of new technologies and processes, improve the level of printing technology, change from simple product processing to technical services, and form characteristics and brands.

    During the 14th Five Year Plan period, with the improvement of the people's awareness of environmental protection and the strengthening of the sense of corporate social responsibility, under the dual influence of supervision and policy guidance, green printing will be comprehensively accelerated——


    The green printing standard system will be gradually improved;

    The green printing supporting product chain will be more mature;

    Under the pressure of low-carbon environmental protection and energy conservation, enterprises will actively seek equipment improvement;

    The market will further eliminate polluting common ink, glue, mercury lamp, cleaning agent, etc; The market share of green products was further increased;

    Digital, information and intelligent printing system will be more common.


    Youweixing led UV green light source

    No mercury / no ozone / energy saving / environmental protection / high light intensity

    At the moment when intelligent manufacturing occupies half of the country, it is essential to carry out information reform in order to gain a place in the development of the 14th five year plan.


    First, it is necessary to prepare, that is, the printing equipment should have intelligent interfaces and digital ports;

    The second is replication, data collection, and replication through the data platform to make the intelligent equipment run;

    The last is condensation. In the process of book formation, a single process is efficiently combined to form the final industrial intelligence and processing intelligence.

    At the same time, small and medium-sized printing enterprises need to further strengthen management in batch quality product control and pre arranged product production.