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    Sohu.com reports: Shenzhen purple technology shines on the scene of 2018 Wuhan light Expo

    Media focus · 2021-10-15 14:32:09


    On November 15, 2018, Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the "2018 new products

    New technology release conference "to deliver a product release speech.


    "Birth" exists in the world every minute,

    Maybe it's the birth of a life,

    It's the birth of a book,

    It's the birth of a new era.

    For enterprises,

    Focused research,

    In exchange for the birth of new products and new technologies.

    "New product and new technology press conference",

    Gather a number of enterprises to compete on the same platform,

    It is to show new products and technologies.


    High performance deep UV LED defines healthy life from "core"

    Scientific research shows that deep ultraviolet rays can destroy DNA and other genetic materials of microorganisms, and the bactericidal effect is as high as 99.9998%. The deep ultraviolet LED developed by deep violet technology is based on the third generation wide band gap semiconductor materials and high-precision chip technology. It is a new type of semiconductor light source that can emit deep ultraviolet rays. Compared with the traditional ultraviolet mercury lamp, the volume of the scheme is reduced by 80%, the power consumption is reduced by 60%, and the service life is increased by 5 times. At the same time, it does not produce ozone harmful to human body, mercury free and environmental pollution-free, which is a new generation of health Deep ultraviolet light source.

    Hubei DUVTek Co., Ltd.

    Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D, production and sales of deep UV LED chips, modules and products, and has a number of core intellectual property rights in high temperature MOCVD equipment, material growth, chip preparation, device packaging, etc. The company has independently developed high efficiency deep ultraviolet LED (wavelength range 260 ~ 310 nm) chip devices and related application product system. Deep UV technology is committed to becoming the world's top supplier of core chip devices and application products of deep UV LED, making its own UV core in China.