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    All members of the regiment | sword out of scabbard, climb the peak!

    Internal activities · 2021-11-03 11:57:43

    Life is not only work, but also poetry and distance.

    Body and soul, one must be on the way.

    In 2021, the whole staff League building activities began,

    On October 30, Shuangfeng Mountain is coming!

    Wechat pictures_ 20211101092704.jpg

    Shuangfeng Mountain is composed of two opposing peaks at an altitude of 888 meters, so it is called Shuangfeng Mountain.

    It is said that Shuangfeng Mountain was made of seven fairies,

    There are beautiful legends about Dong Yong, seven fairies and Meng Zong crying bamboo.





    In the same period, the overseas friends also carried out the happy group building activities.

    Wechat pictures_ 20211101084820.jpg

    Wechat pictures_ 20211101134149.jpg

    This league building activity,

    It further embodies the company's corporate culture concept of "striving for the best",

    Our cohesion is stronger and our revolutionary friendship is deeper,

    We will continue to work hard to create a better tomorrow together!