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    Enterprise news | as an excellent representative, deep purple technology was commended at the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Conference!

    Company news · 2021-11-03 14:39:41

    10month29On June, the Ezhou scientific and Technological Innovation Conference was held. The leading scholars and industry elites gathered together to discuss scientific and technological cooperation and seek innovation and development.

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    The meeting commended the Wutong Lake Science and technology business incubator and 26 representatives of high-tech enterprises,Deep purple technology received the award as an excellent representative。 Secretary of Ezhou municipal Party committeeSun Bing attended the meeting and in his speech, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, expressed warm congratulations to the commended units, enterprises and the signing of relevant cooperation agreements, and expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect to the vast number of scientific and technological workers.

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    Science and technology is the country's sharp weapon. The country relies on it to be strong, the enterprise relies on it to win, and the people's life depends on it to be good. Scientific and technological innovation is an urgent need to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, a realistic path to promote transformation and upgrading, and an important support for achieving green rise. Deep purple technology always adheres to the core position of technological innovation in the development of enterprises. We will continue to hold high the banner of technological innovation, blow the horn of innovation louder, take the pace of high-quality development more solid, and continue to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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