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    Enterprise news | deep purple technology was selected as the 2021 Ezhou science and technology plan project

    Company news · 2021-12-17 11:26:04

    Ezhou science and Technology Bureau issued the publicity of the proposed projects of Ezhou science and technology plan in 2021. The publicity is now expired,

    Hubei Shenzi Technology Co., Ltd. project "R & D and industrialization of high efficiency deep UV LED chip and sterilization module"

    It was approved by Ezhou science and technology plan project in 2021.

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    Wechat pictures_ 20211214163804.png

    Among the 30 projects announced and approved this time, there are 3 special projects for the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and the deep purple science and technology project is one of them.

    This special project focuses on supporting industrialization projects of scientific and technological achievements with high technology content, strong innovation ability, independent intellectual property rights, ongoing industrialization and expected to form major productivity.

    It is reported that the implementation of the 2021 Municipal Science and technology plan project aims to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 12th plenary session of the seventh municipal Party committee and the city's science and Technology Innovation Conference,

    Promote the implementation of the implementation opinions on strengthening the construction of a strong city through science and Technology (Ezhou Fa [2021] No. 13) and other documents, further give play to the guiding and supporting role of the Municipal Science and technology plan,

    Strengthen the construction of innovation system, innovation capacity and innovation ecology, and lead high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation.