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    Enterprise news | the signing ceremony of the performance responsibility statement of youweixin in 2022 and the commendation meeting of outstanding individuals and teams in 2021 were successfully concluded!

    Company news · 2022-01-27 09:16:17

    Pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities& nbsp; Commend and learn advanced

    Background of the annual meeting 2.jpg

    On January 22, youweixin solemnly held the signing ceremony of 2022 performance responsibility statement and the commendation meeting of 2021 outstanding individuals and teams. The purpose of the meeting was to implement responsibilities, achieve missions, and commend advanced and set up models.

    Leader's speech

    Dr. Dai Jiangnan, co-founder and director of youweixin, led us to review the achievements and highlights of 2021. We hope that in the new year, we will seize the opportunities of prosperity and create a brilliant future together!

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    Commendation of outstanding individuals, managers and teams

    15 excellent employees, 2 excellent managers and 3 excellent teams were commended, and all employees were called on to take the advanced as an example and make new contributions in their respective posts with real achievements.

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    Signing of performance responsibility

    The performance responsibility statement decomposes the company's overall business objectives layer by layer, so as to ensure that "everyone bears a heavy burden and has indicators on his shoulders", and ensure the smooth completion of the company's business objectives in 2022. The signing of the letter of responsibility is not only a task, but also a responsibility and mission. Self pressurizing, seizing the day, fully completing all work tasks, and fulfilling the heavy trust of the company.

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    General manager and representatives of GS Division

    The general manager and the representatives of the business division made speeches, summarized and reviewed the problems and deficiencies in 2021, planned the improvement measures in 2022, and vowed to successfully complete the annual goals!

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    The chairman delivered an important speech

    Dr. Chen Changqing, chairman of the board of directors, delivered an important speech. Youweixin is an enterprise with ideals, a innovator who is brave in continuous exploration and innovation, and a struggle platform for enterprising and enterprising employees. He put forward ardent expectations for the development of the company in 2022. He hoped that everyone would "embrace change, work together and create the future", and strive to promote the company's operation and development, open up a new situation and reach a new level.

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    Embrace change, work together to create the future!

    The blueprint is inspiring, the goal is inspiring, and the mission is as heavy as a mountain. The world has never been brilliant, only brilliant!

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    Outlook 2022

    The wind is strong and the sails are high

    Youweixin people will sail with unity and paddle with struggle

    In the vast era, we will forge ahead and strive to be the first in the east wind

    In 2022, Youwei core will stand talltoHigher peak!