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    UVLEDTEK "hard core technology" helps epidemic prevention and control!

    Company news · February 25, 2022 14:41:06

    A new round of epidemic spread to Wuhan

    It caught everyone off guard

    But the Wuhan government's anti epidemic speed is faster than the virus speed!

    Quickly control the source of epidemic cases

    "Hard core technology" products that can also quickly disinfection and sterilization novel coronavirus

    UV LED disinfection and sterilization equipment independently developed by youweixin

    The novel coronavirus was completely inactivated after irradiation for 1 minute at 5cm under one lamp bead.

    The use of "black technology" to help prevent and control the epidemic has attracted much attention.

    Youweixin became the first enterprise in China to disinfection and sterilization novel coronavirus (sars-cov-2 C delta strain).

    Ultraviolet light can be divided into near ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet bands according to the wavelength of light wave. The range of deep ultraviolet band is between 200-280 nm, which is often called short wave ultraviolet. In daily sunlight, most of the deep ultraviolet rays have been absorbed by the atmosphere and cannot reach the earth's surface. Therefore, deep ultraviolet rays are mainly obtained by artificial light sources. However, the deep ultraviolet energy is so strong that direct irradiation is enough to break the RNA or DNA strand of the virus / bacteria, and even the special target in the whole virus / bacteria structure.

    "Deep UV disinfection can not only inactivate the virus from the source, but also directly destroy the special target in the virus structure.


    Deep UV handheld sterilizer

    It is urgent to compete with the virus. The hand-held sterilizer is more rapid, flexible, portable and easier to operate.


    Deep UV handrail elevator sterilizer

    Previously, the disinfection method of the escalator handrail was that the cleaning personnel used a piece of cloth soaked with disinfectant water to wipe the handrail while it was rotating. However, this disinfection and sterilization method would cost time, manpower and a large number of disinfection supplies.

    The LED UV escalator disinfection and sterilization equipment developed by Youwei core can quickly disinfection and sterilization in 1 minute, and the UV broad-spectrum sterilization is as high as 99.99%.


    Deep UV ceiling sterilizer


    Deep UV package sterilizer

    The luggage package disinfection machine uses deep UV LED as the disinfection light source to irradiate high-dose ultraviolet rays on the top, bottom, front, back, left and right 360 degrees of the package without dead angle, and effectively kill various bacteria and viruses carried on the surface of the package.

    At present, the deep UV package disinfection equipment independently developed by youweixin has batch orders and will soon be supplied to the market.


    Based on the advantages of the ultraviolet disinfection technology and the effectiveness of disinfection and sterilization novel coronavirus, it will become a necessary for long-term epidemic prevention, and youweixin ultraviolet LED disinfection and sterilization equipment, like the fire sprinkler system, will inevitably become the standard configuration in public places.