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    Warmly welcome the delegation of outstanding young scholars, Changjiang Scholars and Professor Lu Hai of Nanjing University to visit our company

    Leadership care / expert visit · 2021-10-01 14:18:37

    On the afternoon of April 24, 2018, Professor Lu Hai of Nanjing University visited Wuhan youweixing under the warm reception and escort of the company's leaders. This visit is not only an academic exchange and discussion, but also a foundation for further cooperation in the later stage.

    When visiting various R & D, production, testing and Aging office areas, the company's leaders gave a detailed introduction to the products currently in production, testing and aging according to different application fields, including production processes, design principles and application scenarios.




    At the exchange and discussion meeting after the visit, the leaders of our company made a detailed analysis on the current industrial development situation of the company's products, the competitive products, the advantages of our products, the industrial positioning of our products and the target market areas, and explained the current product development management process of the company "market demand - & gt; project planning - & gt; design review - & gt; material dispatching - & gt; product trial production - & gt; new product conversion", It also briefly introduces the various qualifications and honors obtained by the company. Professor Lu Hai highly praised the company's current achievements. He said: "with the company's near first-class new product research and development strength, standardized and complete product development management process, and broad market application fields, it will definitely stand out in the near future and become an industry leader.". For this, the company's leaders thanked them for their recognition and said that "it has always been our goal to present the best products to our customers who believe in us. We will continue to work hard to keep up with the market demand and create the first brand of UV-LED"

    The visit of Professor Lu Hai has strengthened the relationship between both parties and laid a foundation for further cooperation in the later stage.

    Professor Lu Hai is a distinguished professor of Nanjing University, concurrently the director researcher (PI) of Nanjing National Laboratory of microstructure (Preparatory), the winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars, the expert of the 10000 person program, and the chief scientist of the national key research and development program. He is mainly engaged in the research of wide band gap semiconductor materials and devices, and has made many internationally influential achievements. In recent years, we have focused on the research of GaN based high-power electronic devices, deep UV detection devices, and new oxide transparent thin film transistors, and are committed to promoting the basic research results of semiconductors to the application field of devices: we have developed high breakdown voltage GaN Schottky rectifiers and high gain Gan ultraviolet Avalanche Photodetectors, which have been tracked and reported by the international mainstream semiconductor technology media for many times; Developed the AlGaN based solar blind deep UV detector with the lowest dark current density and the largest chip size, and led the team of Nanjing University to first realize the industrialization of high-sensitivity GaN based UV detector in China; SiC ultraviolet single photon detector was first realized in China. So far, more than 300 academic papers have been published, including more than 230 SCI papers; The published articles have been cited by SCI and others for more than 10000 times (as of December 2015); Its representative work was called "major breakthrough" by foreign peers in the review articles.