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    Core classroom | new employee training glows with new style

    Internal activities · 2022-04-08 13:56:38

    Core classroom.jpg

    In the spring of March, the second phase of new employee training in the first quarter of 2022, which was jointly organized by the human resources administration department of the company and co organized by the solidification business department and the module business department, opened. 26 new employees participated in the training.

    On the morning of March 29, the training activities were carried out as scheduled. This training covers the company's "company profile and corporate culture", "personnel administrative management system", "financial reimbursement management system" and other system contents, the sharing of new and old employees' feelings, the visit to the company's new exhibition hall, and the company's general manager's summary speech.



    Mr. Wang Yongzhong, the general manager of the company, made the final concluding speech and put forward ardent hopes for all new employees. The company expects that new employees can grow and progress together with the company, deeply integrate the company's corporate culture, face challenges with a calm attitude, and achieve self-worth with long-term persistence.

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    This new employee training further enhanced the new employees' understanding of the company, promoted the growth of the new employees, and laid a solid foundation for them to change their roles more quickly, enter the working state, and become excellent youweixin people.

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