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About Us

New City Development LLC started business activities in 2007, when two young ambitious specialists decided to get established in the fields of architecture, design, development and construction of Georgia. Since then, the company has gone on a successful path and has become one of the leading players of the industry. Such an achievement was facilitated by both the established practice of carefully selecting employees and unwavering adherence to the principles of not “individual”, but complex functional planning when approaching the project sites.

The scope of the company's operations is wide - along with architecture and development, it also covers the following areas:

  • NC Consulting

  • NC Development

  • NC Construction

  • NC Hospitality

  • NC Agro

  • NC Industry

Today, the company's success is evidenced by its participation in architecture, design, development and construction tenders and high praise of international experts.

Social Responsibility

The social responsibility of the organization is manifested through and through. Among the charitable activities, construction of a tourist / community complex in village Tirdznisi, located 7 kilometers from the occupation line, should be noted. The complex includes:

Marani (Wine Cellar) - hotel, restaurant and other public spaces built using the old Georgian construction methods.

The construction and operation of the complex contributes to creation of jobs for the locals, reduction of migratory sentiments, positioning of the region in the agricultural and eco-tourism market of Georgia.

In addition, the company is financing the rehabilitation of the Church of the Feast of Quasimodogeniti in the village.

One of the forms of social responsibility of our profession is carried out through numerous public meetings, reports or presentations, which are integral part of project development process and for the society at large.

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